European Quality and Design

All of our business units – in the UK, Bangladesh, Pakistan and China [Hong Kong] – operate according to a unified set of standards (encompassing product quality, CSR, ethics, reporting, sample processing and communications). These standards are controlled by our UK Head Office and set in accordance with agreed levels of European fashion industry best practice.

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Best in Bangladesh

Sher Bros’ capacity in Bangladesh is characterized by adaptability and integrity. Our responsiveness to emerging fashion trends and also the fast-evolving regulatory and compliance regime (in respect to ethics, transparency and welfare) stands us in strong stead to bolster our partners’ sourcing efficiency in Bangladesh.

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Productivity in Pakistan

Pakistan is resurgent as a go-to source for fashion and apparel products.  Sher Bros is the perfect partner for fashion brands and retailers to source intelligently from this exciting market and profit from the productive potential of Pakistan.

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Ethics, Compliance & Transparency.

Sher Bros employs practical solutions to deliver a more ethical and sustainable fashion industry:

We are an uncompromisingly values-led company and we make a tangible positive impact in the communities where we work. Our commitment to ethical business, sustainability and worker welfare goes well above and beyond minimum compliance levels.

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Scottish Leadership

Headquartered in Scotland – with global design and production capacity. Sher Bros’ expertise and experience spans several generations. Our success is based on our obsession for design, maintaining a long-term vision – and smartly aligning the interests of our workforce and our clients.


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