About Sher Bros (Glasgow) Ltd.

Sher Bros is a positive and fashion-forward design and manufacturing specialist. We deliver great fashion apparel and accessories to ambitious fashion retailers and brands in markets throughout the world.

Fashion brands and retailers can take advantage of Sher Bros’ modern, robust and efficient fashion supply chain in the following locales:

Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Sher Bros long-term investor in Bangladesh, committed to sustainable economic and social development in the country. Our highly skilled and experienced international team are employed at state of the art product development and manufacturing facilities – working closely with customers to create and produce great products in an ethical and efficient manner.

Glasgow, Scotland

HQ: Design studio and showroom. Management, research, marketing and customer service. Standards and ethical business control and oversight. A beacon of success in globally-focused, export-orientated and value-added Scottish fashion and textile industry.

Hong Kong

Our fashion supply chain management hub in Asia. This is the heart of our yarn sourcing, shipping, logistics and data management functions. Our Hong Kong team also provides an additional layer of oversight relating to issues of Quality Control, CSR Management and Ethical Compliance, as well as sample development coordination.

Karachi, Pakistan

Pakistan is resurgent as a go-to source of quality and good value for fashion apparel and accessories. With Sher Bros’ deep understanding of this market, fashion brands and retailers can take advantage of the excellent cost / quality offering of Pakistan production, with the assurance of our European standard of oversight to control risk and manage ethical and compliance issues.

Established in Glasgow, UK in the 1950s… Our ability to establish effective, ethical and efficient operations in key hubs in Asia – both in South Asia and in Hong Kong / China – has been instrumental in our ongoing story of sustainable success.

Sher Bros (a family-owned and operated company) maintains strict discipline in regard to compliance, ethics and transparency. Our vision for the fashion industry is long-term and we seek to implement key concepts around sustainability and the circular economy as the “new normal” in our industry.

Our journey has mirrored the evolution of the global fashion industry: we retain a strong core design and trend analysis capacity at our Glasgow HQ (also the home of our management, marketing and customer service teams) – as well as a well-developed network of offices, production and design units in key trading and manufacturing hubs in Asia.